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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Virginia’s Burn Ordinance Feb 15-Apr 30

  • No burning until after 4:00 p.m. February 15 through April 30 of each year, if the fire is in or within 300 feet of woodland, brushland or field containing dry grass or other flammable material.
  • Fire shall not be left unattended if within 150 feet of woodland, brushland or fields containing dry grass.
  • No new fires set or fuel added after midnight.
  • Law applies to campfires, warming fires, brush piles, leaves, household trash, stumps, fields of broomstraw and brush or anything capable of spreading fire.
  • The law provides for a penalty of up to $500, plus payment of court costs and fire suppression costs if the fire escapes.

When burning, it is best to contact Fauquier County’s Dispatch Center, 540-347-1313, to notify them of the location and times. Please do not contact us directly regarding burning.